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The Blue Flower

Please see The Blue Flower on my blog for an introduction.

On this page, I will merely mention one or two practical matters.

The issues of this journal will be kept on this server. To download a copy, please click with the right button of your mouse on the link and "save target file" to your hard disk. You can then print the file at your leisure, unless you wish to read it on your screen.

If you would like to contribute an article to The Blue Flower, please send a comment to the blog page linked above, or an e-mail to the address opposite. Without being excessively elitist about it, I do expect university-standard methodology and good reasoning, above all a quiet and non-polemical style.

Please click with the right button of your mouse to save the target file to your hard disk. You can then print your issue of The Blue Flower.

The Blue Flower - Summer Solstice 2018

This well-known website deals with medieval Catholic liturgy and philosophical Romanticism. It includes the new Blue Flower journal, presently published in pdf format and downloadable free of charge.

The author of this site is Rev'd Fr Anthony Chadwick, a priest of the Anglican Catholic Church - Original Province. I can be contacted via my e-mail: