Sarum and Parisian Liturgical Colours

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Here is a comparative table of liturgical colours apparently used in the Sarum Use and until the late nineteenth century in Paris and some of the Norman dioceses. This is the source of my information on the colours of the Parisian rite. For the Sarum colours, I have depended on this Article by Canon J. Robert Wright. I would be grateful for corrections of any factual errors.



Paris (Rouen)

Green, brown, grey, blue




Sundays of the year outside of Lent and Paschaltide. Feasts of apostles, martyrs, and evangelists

Maundy Thursday, Pentecost, Feasts of Martyrs, Sundays after Pentecost if gold is not available.

Dull bull’s blood red (brown)

Blessing of ashes on Ash Wednesday, for all of Passiontide including Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

Passion Sunday to Holy Saturday Vespers. Black with red orphreys may be used.


Paschaltide, from Easter Day through Pentecost, for feasts of Our Lady and their octaves, for the feast of St. John the Evangelist in Christmas week, for both feasts of St. Michael, and for the Dedication of a Church.

Christmas Eve to the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple;
feasts of the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, Non-martyr virgins, Nativity of Saint John the Baptist, Weddings, Baptism, Funerals of infants.


Feasts of confessors

During the Epiphany Octave, Feasts of the Holy Angels.



Trinity Sunday, the Blessed Sacrement, From the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple to Septuagesima, Trinity to Advent. Red may be used in its place.


Masses of the Dead

Blessing and imposition of the ashes on Ash Wednesday, Masses of the Dead.



Feasts of Pontiffs, Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter, Consecration of Bishops.



Advent and Septuagesima, Feasts of Holy Penitents (eg. Saint Mary Magdalene), The administration of Extreme Unction.



Feasts of Saint Joachim and Saint Anne, Saint Louis King of France,
Abbots, Monks and Just men and women, holy women. Violet may be used in the place of blue.



Ash Wednesday to the Saturday preceding Passion Sunday, Mass for the forgiveness of sins.

Unbleached cloth (off white), brown, green or violet.

Lent, from Quadragesima to the Saturday before Passion Sunday, and also in Advent