Sarum Missal in English

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Published books containing Sarum liturgical texts are rare and expensive to buy on the second-hand book market. We are fortunate to have Internet-based sources and the possibility, through a certain amount of ingenuity and work, of producing usable books.

The most valuable source I have found is the Internet Archive using the search word "Sarum". There are plenty of texts in Latin and English, not only the liturgical books themselves but also studies, the Pie or priestly directory for getting everything right, and a number of historical studies.

Here, one in particular may find the 1911 Warren translation -

I have collated a lectionary by using the biblical references of the readings and copying / pasting text from the King James Bible. I would appreciate help in proof-reading this lectionary, which is not free from omissions and scanning errors. If the pdf files of the missal are converted into text and processed via a desktop publishing programme, the Biblical readings can be inserted and the result is a complete missal as practical to use as the 1962 Roman Missal.

Perhaps someone with the time and money could consider publishing a missal from this source. Hope springs eternal!

An edition of the Sarum Missal in English, again without the lectionary texts, is available from Amazon. The book is a paperback and has the pages glued to the spine without any real binding work. It is therefore useless for use at the altar and would last only a very short time before fallign apart. Personally I prefer the Warren translation, though both are in "Prayer Book" style. You may be interested in buying the Pearson book, but it is appropriate only for being kept on a bookshelf and occasionally referred to.

The Latin Missal in the 1868 Dickinson edition, republished by Gregg in the 1970's, is again a rare book and can fetch prices in excess of £300. It has been out of print for years, and Gregg is out of business. Who owns the offset litho plates is anyone's guess. The Order of Mass and the temporal cycle (contents of volume I) can be found here in various formats. The lectionary is included. The pages need to be made printable on booklets of pages so that a book can be bound by sewing in sections - the only binding menthod to give something that lasts more than five minutes at the altar. The rest of the Dickinson missal needs to be found elsewhere. I tracked down the whole missal here. Set up your computer with ftp software and follow instructions for configuring the ftp software to communicate with their site. Look for "Missale Ad Usum ... Sarum, ed. Dickinson, Oxf. and L. 1861-83.pdf" and download. The file is some 50 megabytes and the print quality is rather poor. There are some pages missing in the sanctoral cycle at around the end of August. I recovered the missing material from the York missal, comparing with what I have in the Warren missal in English to make sure I had the right texts.

It's a lot of work, but the material is available. Here is a precious resource for the Music of the Sarum Office. The Gradual for the Ordinary of the Mass and the temporal cycle is available to order here. Grab it before it goes out of print! The sanctoral cycle, the commons, votive masses and ritual masses still need to be done. That's for the chant for the Mass in Latin.

If anyone wants to use the Sarum liturgy, there is no excuse for not doing so on account of the unavailability of texts.