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This is an archive of material related to the Traditional Anglican Communion and Anglicanorum coetibus between the summer of 2010 and Easter 2012. It was originally published on the English Catholic blog. Some of the articles were written by Deborah Gyapong (Foolishness to the World) who is a Canadian journalist and was received into the Roman Catholic Church on 15th April 2012 with a group of clergy and laity from the TAC in Canada.

I brought the English Catholic blog to an end on account of the reasons explained on English Catholic blog is gone forever.

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The Current Situation of Archbishop John Hepworth. Page not updated since October 2011.

Here are the pages that appeared on the top of the blog's homepage:

TAC Documents

Archbishop Hepworth's Charge - undated byut it would seem to be from the 2010 Australian Synod.

Comments are welcome by e-mail for the purpose of factual or historical corrections. The articles I wrote on the English Catholic do not necessarily reflect my current position.

It is likely that the TAC will now continue in a changed form in Africa, India, the United States of America and other countries, seeking links of communion with the other Continuing Anglican Churches.